Humble Beginnings

Greetings, internet!

I’ve been playing and designing strategy games for some time now. In some ways this hobby has grown to the point where I’m frequently unable to enjoy a strategy game just for fun – alas, it seems that turning off ‘designer vision’ can be pretty tough (especially when bad user interface is involved).

However, one advantage this affliction brings is a more critical eye. Over the years I’ve collected some thoughts on what plays a role in a strategy game being good or bad. I recently decided to start this site in hopes of sharing what I’ve learned with other designers and gamers, and also to learn along the way myself. So without further ado, let’s begin this wild journey!

– Jon

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11 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. It would be great if you enabled full post RSS feeds.

  2. What he said. Nice to see you blogging, now please tinker with your WordPress layout a bit and show a proper Atom/RSS feed link somewhere. 🙂 A Google+ share button for each post would be great, too.

  3. Will look into it, thanks guys. 🙂

    – Jon

  4. RSS was the easy one, but I couldn’t figure out how to add a Google+ like button… If anyone has that info please let me know. 🙂

    – Jon

  5. Sadly I’m not a WordPress user myself, and WordPress does not appear to support G+ natively yet. A Google search tells me that you could either install one of several plug-ins which might or might not work, or manually add some JavaScript to your blog. Perhaps some WordPress user who has successfully done this might wish to chime in…

  6. Good on you Jon. Looking forward to your insights.

  7. Thanks for the research Chris. I’ll do a bit more poking around on my own.

    – Jon

  8. Moving my own blog to WordPress because Blogger kinda sucks, I discovered how to add G+ buttons to posts! Go to your WordPress dashboard, choose Settings down at the bottom and then Sharing, and you’ll get a panel full of sharing buttons. Just drag the G+ button to the row next to the Facebook button. I also added e-mail and printing to my blog, just to be old-fashioned. Hey, maybe someone might want to print your posts!

  9. Also, your Comet theme is just as classy as Twenty Ten but much prettier. I think I’ll steal it.

  10. Just discovered something else! Also on Dashboard > Settings > Sharing, you should check “Show Buttons on… Front Page, Archive Pages, Search Results” which is unchecked by default. This shows all sharing options for each post in the normal front page view; otherwise they only appear in the single-post view.

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