The Game Design Round Table



Dirk Knemeyer and I are proud to announce a new project:

The Game Design Round Table Podcast

Wherein, we will be delving into all sorts of interesting issues related to game design and the business as a whole. In the first episode, now available through iTunes, we discuss what we’ll be doing with the show and our particular interests as gamers and designers.

The second episode will be posted early next week, and in that one Dirk and I will be talking with former-Hasbro, now independent tabletop designer Rob Daviau about what it’s like to strike off on your own, the process for creating Risk: Legacy and other fun game design topics.

Check it out, and I hope you all enjoy the show!

– Jon

7 thoughts on “The Game Design Round Table

  1. Is there a way you could make this available for those who don’t want to install [strike]that piece of shit[/strike] iTunes?

  2. A non-iTunes version of the podcast will be up within a week. Sorry for the delay!

    – Jon

  3. publish on idlethumbs network?

  4. Looks like we have access to a non-iTunes feed already:

    Derp: We’ll see – wouldn’t want to drag down their standards!

    – Jon

  5. Listened to the podcast. It was alright. The metadata on the MP3 I got from right-clicking and saving the file from the second link was totally whack, though. The artist and track name were nothing but Chinese hanzi.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up Captain Person… we’re looking into it now. When our producer exports the files they’re fine, so something must be getting mucked up in-between there and the host.

      – Jon

  6. Really enjoyed the first podcast. Dirk your board game ideas have covered very interesting topics. My kids are a little too young to play and my wife is firmly in the non-board game camp. I have a closet full of sealed board games that I’m waiting to play when my girls get a little older.

    Hearing how you come up with board game ideas after you read a book is very interesting. You should read the Daniel Okrent book on Prohibition. Very interesting read and I bet it would be a treasure chest of interesting game ideas and concepts. I’d love to see it! Get Abner to start working on this one now.

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