The Game Design Round Table #3



Episode #3 has been posted! Here’s the official description:

Bill Abner from Conquistador Games joins Jon and Dirk to talk about trends in digital and tabletop games, as well as his experiences transitioning from gaming media into game development.

This one was fun for a variety of reasons. We dug into why Dirk and Bill aren’t fans of lighter games, and we also talked about what they’re working on right now over at Conquistador Games. Check it out!

– Jon

1 thought on “The Game Design Round Table #3

  1. I should mention that my thoughts on Persona 4 have changed quite a bit since we recorded this episode. The first couple hours are VERY slow, but the game actually has more tough decisions than any RPG I’ve ever played. I’ll have more to say about P4 in next week’s episode, plus an article up soon where dig into the game in great detail.

    – Jon

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