TGDRT #5 – Digital VS Tabletop Design

Episode #5 has been posted! The official description:

An intimate show this week in which our co-hosts “go commando,” as Dirk puts it. We compare and contrast tabletop and digital game design, and dig into the process Dirk went through when creating Tomorrow. The crew dives deep into the “nuts and bolts” of development in this episode – so if you enjoy that sort of peek behind the industry’s curtain then you’re really in for a treat!

As noted in the description this show was just Dirk and I, but it was a lot of fun and I feel it’s our best episode yet. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me!

However, should my seal of approval leave you unconvinced – well, there are now detailed outlines on each show page. From now on we’ll also be embedding the it into the MP3 files themselves, so you can learn about what we covered that way as well.

Another bit of news regarding the podcast. Dirk and I will be tweaking the format slightly. Every few weeks we’ll have a show like this one where we’ll go into detail on what we’ve been playing and working on. Other shows with guests will be more focused on a specific topic and what our visitors uniquely bring to the table. We hope that this new style is to everyone’s liking! As always, we welcome any and all feedback.

– Jon

1 thought on “TGDRT #5 – Digital VS Tabletop Design

  1. Great show! The talk about Dominant Species was very informative — I had been wondering about that game, but it sounds rather too abstract and too complicated for me. Definitely agree that scoring should be simple and obvious, if used at all, and that matching the theme beats perfect balancing. I expect you guys will be giving the newly released Stone Age a try? It’s supposed to be a game in the same vein but much more accessible.

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