TGDRT #20: ‘Tomorrow’ & Abnercon Games

Episode #20 is now live!

Jon and Dirk are guest-free this week and provide an update on what they’ve been working on and playing. On the Kickstarter front, ‘At the Gates’ has wrapped up and ‘War Stories’ will soon be doing the same. A recent playtest of ‘Tomorrow’ and Jon’s thoughts on a recent version of the game. They also discuss some of the games played at ‘Abnercon’, including ‘The World Cup Game’, ‘Railroad Tycoon’ and ‘Mare Nostrum’.

Another solo show where Dirk and I chat about what we’ve been up to lately. There was a lot more we wanted to cover but we didn’t want a 2-hour show so we decided to cut things off.

– Jon

4 thoughts on “TGDRT #20: ‘Tomorrow’ & Abnercon Games

  1. Is there anywhere tat I can read more about the game “Tomorrow” you describe in the podcast?

    1. You should be able to find it by searching for “Tomorrow” on Kickstarter, although I know there are a few projects on there that use the name. Shouldn’t be too tricky though. Let me know if you have trouble.

      – Jon

      1. Thanks. I did that but only found the Kickstarter info. I thought there’d be more info somewhere else. But that video is good. Also didn’t you talk a lot about it in one of your podcast episodes a few months back? Can you remember which episode that was?

      2. Ahhh, gotcha. Well, they do have an official website for the game, but I don’t know if it has any more information available there than the Kickstarter page:

        Seems to be missing some images as well. C’mon Dirk! 😉

        As for other discussion of Tomorrow on the podcast, I think episodes #10 and #3 were the ones where we dedicated the most time to it.

        – Jon

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