TGDRT #36: Life as an Indie with Vic Davis

Episode #36 is live!

Dirk sits down with game designer Vic Davis of Cryptic Comet games to talk about life as an indie designer, Vic’s dark game design decisions, and his new game Occult Chronicles.

I wasn’t able to make this episode, which was a bit disappointing, as I was really looking forward to it. Vic is one of the paragons of indie strategy game development, and his approach is very unique. Perhaps most interestingly, he builds his games in Adobe Director of all things.

When I was younger, I would chuckle when people mentioned they used unwieldy tools like QBasic, RPG Maker or Director to make games. Now that I have more experience under my belt, I’ve embraced that what you make is the thing that matters, not how you make it. I now respect these individuals a great deal, and I suppose that’s only fair, as I myself am but a mediocre programmer who writes code only because that’s the best way to bring life to my ideas!

In other news, my promised article on game design ethics will be posted tomorrow. It’s a pretty crunchy topic, and I wanted to make sure I collected all of my thoughts before putting up something that will, no doubt, offend the Internets!

– Jon

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