TGDRT #40: Multiplayer

Episode #40 is live!

Jon, Dirk and David delve into the topic of multiplayer design: How is it different from single player design? What are the strengths and weaknesses different types of multiplayer? What separates e-sports from traditional multiplayer games? And what approach can be taken towards cheating?

Multiplayer is an issue that has many layers. Some people play only multiplayer. Others really enjoy it, but only with games they’re already invested in. The most profitable games tend to be multiplayer-centric, so those holding the purse strings always want to have it.

But the reality is that multiplayer and single-player are two completely different games. And as is true of all two-games-in-one situations, you’re almost always better off focusing on one or the other (unless, of course, you have unlimited time/money). If you do decide to invest heavily in both, it’s important to realize that you are making two games and the design for each needs to reflect that.

– Jon

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