TGDRT #45: Tabletop & Digital Design

Episode #45 is live!

Jon and Dirk are joined by Ed Beach, designer of the digital titles ‘Civilization 5: Gods & Kings’ and ‘Brave New World’ as well as tabletop games ‘Here I Stand’ and ‘Virgin Queen’. As you might have guessed, their discussion focuses on the similarities and differences between the two disciplines of design, and what lessons learned in one can be applied to the other.

We hadn’t yet had a guest on who has worked extensively on both digital titles as well as tabletop ones, so it was great hearing Ed’s perspective on the two and how his style in one field has bled into the other. He’s a history guy through-and-through, and you can definitely see the design parallels between his board games and the scenarios he’s worked on (the ‘Into the Renaissance’ scenario in Civ 5: Gods & Kings being one good example).

– Jon

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