TGDRT #55: Sharing Design Ideas


Episode #55 is live!

Jon, Dirk and David share design concepts they find interesting and hope to incorporate into future (or simply hypothetical) projects. The group also digs into why developers are sometimes reluctant to share and discuss design ideas.

We covered a lot of different topics in this episode, but my favorite was probably the discussion we had near the end about secrecy. I’m (obviously) a big fan of sharing ideas and talking about what you’re working on, but even I have to admit there are some boundaries necessary to maintain in order to protect oneself. Any time there’s money to be made you’ll find some shady people along for the ride – just the way of the world.

– Jon

1 thought on “TGDRT #55: Sharing Design Ideas

  1. really liked this episode. “ideas are nothing without execution” is still the best advice you can give to every aspiring designer.

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