TGDRT #61: Don’t Starve


Episode #61 is live!

Jon and Dirk are joined by Kevin Forbes of Klei Entertainment to talk about Don’t Starve. Topics covered include environmental cycles, crafting, and the unique challenges and perks of developing a systems-based game.

Kevin and I have a ton in common, so it’s no surprise that Don’t Starve is one of my favorite titles from 2013. It also reinforces a growing trend: the rise of systems-based games.

I’m convinced this ‘genre’ will continue taking big steps forward in the coming years, now that graphical fidelity has basically maxed out and more gamers are clamoring for nonlinear experiences. My hope is actually that At the Gates isn’t innovative so much as simply part of an ever-growing wave. It won’t take long for us to find out!

– Jon

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