At the Gates – v1.3

v1.3 is now live on the main Steam branch and Humble dashboard!

This update contains major AI upgrades, as well as fixes for several crash bugs which have been reported since v1.2 (in particular a really nasty one that happened after upgrading the caravan).

v1.4 will be dedicated to diplomacy and more bugfixing. No exact ETA on this update yet but I’ll be posting unstable branch updates every so often before the full version goes up.

The best way to get in contact with me these days is by emailing If you run into a crash or notice a gameplay bug it would be great if you let me know so I can fix it. We have no dedicated QA and given how complex PC strategy games are I need your guys’ help on this front in order to track things down. If you can send save files where you can reproduce the error, or exact instructions for how to make it happen again that’s especially helpful.

Thanks again for playing the game! It’s great to still see people enjoying it now so many years after I started work on it.

– Jon

———– v1.3 ———–



– AI factions are now greatly improved when it comes to declaring war, launching invasions, training units, and exploring.

– Can now select one of 4 difficulty levels before starting a game which affects how much food each clan eats (0.1 per turn up to 0.4 per turn).



– Fixed very common crash when loading a save file which became corrupted after upgrading the caravan. It is possible to continue old games affected by this bug by not upgrading the caravan. Not a perfect work-around, but it will keep the game going at least.

– Can no longer form alliances with Roman factions. This was a bit of a loophole in the Roman diplo system, and doing so would result in crashes and weird states where you could attack your own units later.

– Fixed crash during the end turn process when an army pillaged a city on top of another structure.



– Bandits are now more aggressive.



– Fixed bug where the food production upgrade for the Glassmaker, Glassblower, and Cooper weren’t working.

– Fixed bug where the angry bandits icon would remain on bandit camps and units after they were no longer angry.

– Fixed typo in Roman Road description tag.

– Fixed bug in diplo screen where diplomatic leverage would be hidden under diplo response buttons if there were too many buttons visible.

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