TGDRT #60: My Games of 2013


Episode #60 is live!

Jon and Dirk hand out awards for the mechanics and games they played in 2013 that stood out – for better and worse.

Now a yearly tradition! I should note that these are indeed our games of 2013. Hell, most weren’t actually even released during 2013. However, Dirk and I tried to pick games and mechanics that stood out to us as having an important role in game design in 2014 and beyond.

This is why both of us chose David Dunham’s venerable King of Dragon Pass as ‘Most Innovative’. The title may now be entering its fifteenth year, but the way it models interesting and realistic characters in a truly living world is incredibly… fresh. The lessons KoDP offers us have long sat dormant, but I’m confident they’ll soon be given due attention and praise. A large chunk of the diplomacy in At the Gates is directly inspired by this little gem.

Anyways, I won’t focus too much on KoDP. We also talk about many other interesting games, so make sure you give ye olde episode a listen!

– Jon

TGDRT #8 – End-of-Year Spectacular 2012

Episode #8 is now available!

In the final episode of 2012, Jon and Dirk hand out the first annual TGDRT Game Design Awards. Our hosts highlight some favorites from past episodes but also share their thoughts on a few newcomers – their Games of the Year might come as a bit of a surprise!

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for being a part of the TGDRT community!

In the final episode of 2012, Dirk and I hand out the hardware for the best (and worst) games we played during the year. It’s not the most traditional awards show, as we each give out our own awards and the winners may or may not have actually come out in 2012, but it was fun to do and hey, that’s what this is all about.

See you all in 2013!

– Jon