The Digital & Tabletop Convergence

We’re now seeing a convergence between digital and tabletop games.

In recent years statements such as this have been made with increasing frequency.  It’s an interesting presumption, and it brings up questions: What do people actually mean by this? Where is the future of games actually heading, and is this it?

The differences between design in the digital and tabletop space is a discussion Dirk and I introduced in a recent episode of TGDRT. In this article I’ll pick up where we left off, plus share my thoughts on where I see the convergence taking us.


Randomness & Quarriors

Quarriors is a tabletop game that I’ve only played a half-dozen times, but it’s really sunk its teeth into me. Not in the sense that I love playing it, but because it tickles a certain part of my designer brain. For the large number of you that I’m sure haven’t heard of it, the game is basically a deck-builder (like Dominion or Ascension), only with dice instead of cards. It’s fairly simple, but brings many interesting design topics to the table.



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