At The Gates ‘Let’s Play’ Video

Hey all, I’ll keep the post short because you’ll hear me talking plenty more in the video! I’ve embedded it below, but make sure to watch in HD so that the art and text aren’t garbled by whatever Kickstarter/YouTube defaults to.

– Jon

2 thoughts on “At The Gates ‘Let’s Play’ Video

  1. When I first saw this, some time ago, I thought it held a lot of promise, but wasn’t my kind of game. This video completely turned me around! I love the gorgeous new art style, I love the scale of the world and your tribe, and how all the parts come together.
    Can’t wait to get this and watch my beautifully animated tribe grow and survive out in the wilderness! The UI will need some work I think, but I’m very happy to see that gameplay mechanics seem to come first for you guys and I’m looking forward to playing the finished game!
    If you’re up for a suggestion: make the click-sounds less “metally” and more calm, wood like. Not a “cling” but a soft knock; I feel this would match the fantastic muted/not-flashy style of the game very well – but what do I know 😉

    1. Glad to hear we’ve changed your mind!

      And yes, the UI has a long way to go, we’re on the same page there. I also agree that the metal plink is a bit harsh, and switching it to a ‘soft knock’ is a great suggestion. We’ve spent all of about an hour on the audio so far (aside from the music and world ambience), so a lot of work to do on that front as well.

      – Jon

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